Clover UHT Long Life Milk Full Cream 6 x 1L

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Delivered in 2 – 5 business days


Clover UHT Long Life Milk Full Cream 6 x 1L

Clover’s unique double purifying method includes centrifugation. This removes 100% of the milk’s impurities, reduces bacteria by 90% and enhances its quality. The milk is then heated to 72°C to remove harmful bacteria.

Then our milk goes through a special cooling technology where it is deep cooled below 2°C. This ensures all the natural nutrients and protein are preserved. Clover milk is packed through a no-contact filling system, reducing the risk of exposure to bacteria. To achieve maximum protection, we filter and cool the air to create a clean and sterile filling chamber. This maintains our milk’s integrity and ensures no contamination at packing phase.





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