Jacobs Kronung Decaff Instant Coffee 1 x 200g

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Jacobs Kronung Decaff Instant Coffee 1 x 200g

Take a sip and consider the various aromas and tastes in your mouth: Are there fruity notes or traces of spices? What do you feel is missing from the taste? What flavours are immediately noted? It is suggested that you first identify rough groups of tastes. These could be a groups such as fruits. After this, your can go into more detail: Does it taste more like stone fruit or citrus fruits? If citrus, is it more lemon or grapefruit? These are just some examples you can ask yourself.

Discover the ultimate in enjoyment, with Jacobs Freeze Dried Instant Coffee. Enjoy our different variants: Jacobs Krönung, Jacobs Gold as well as Jacobs Decaf. We have the right coffee for every taste!

The king of aroma. High-quality beans are carefully selected, artfully blended and custom roasted to deliver a nutty aroma with a light acidic taste. Make mornings brighter, get-togethers more enjoyable, and individual moments special with flavorful Jacobs Kronung coffee.




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