JOVI Soft Dough 3X110g Tub Asst. Clr (Red,Blu,Yel) - JOV403

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JOVI Soft Dough 3X110g Tub Asst. Clr (Red,Blu,Yel) – JOV403

  • Soft paste for boys and girls from 2 years old ideal for initiation into the world of modeling as it is soft, flexible, easy to knead, mix, cut and mold.
  • The pack includes 10 bottles of different colors. Non-toxic, innocuous, but with an unpleasant taste to avoid ingestion.
  • It dries in the air, so it must be kept airtight to preserve it correctly
  • Soft, fresh and very pleasant texture. It contains gluten.
  • With this kit you can explore different techniques with your fingers, with molds and tools

Our journey dates back to 1939. We are a small family with a great history, which we like to continue telling today through our years of tradition.

We explore the world from the eyes of a child: imagining, learning, creating… always from the courage and freedom that characterizes the little ones.

For this reason, we ourselves conceive, design and manufacture in a small city in Barcelona.

We create products to encourage creative and artistic development, thus promoting learning at all stages of life.




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