TWINSAVER 2-Ply M Fold Hand Towel 20 packs of 100 per case - 0337

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TWINSAVER 2-Ply M Fold Hand Towel – 0337

  • Green Choice
  • Super strong, super absorbent
  • Interfold ensures reduced consumption and waste
  • Sheet size 240mm X 325mm
  • 20 packs of 100 per case (2 000 sheets per case)

Biggest recycled fibre manufacturer and brand
Twinsaver is the largest tissue manufacturer and the largest user of Recycled paper fibre in
Southern Africa, fibre that’s used in our 100% Green Choice range. We only use high quality 100%
Recycled fibre grades in our manufacturing process.

2. Job creation
All material used in our Recycled fibre range is collected through informal recycling collectors,
providing sustainable incomes to communities in need, while extending the lifespan of landfills.

3. Water wise and energy efficient
In the last financial year, we achieved a 5% reduction in the use of electricity and over 10%
reduction of total water usage across all manufacturing sites. We set annual targets, which we
continuously strive to achieve.

5. Responsible waste management
The by-product from our 100% Recycled paper manufacturing process is disposed of in an
environmentally friendly manner i.e. it is used in the manufacture of bricks, as opposed to being
sent to landfill sites.

6. Recyclable packaging
We use recyclable poly packaging across the Twinsaver range to integrate our product usage with
our clients’ recycling initiatives




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